"My son is absolutely loving this clinic. He comes off the ice knowing what and why he is being asked to perform a drill or skill. He is excited to always go back to the next one and really appreciates the corrective notes or praise from the coaches. As a parent I am so pleased he is getting the individualized attention. The ratio of coaches to students is wonderful to see. Plus I like that the coaches are encouraging, correcting when needed and giving extra attention for each kid. Lastly, these type of drills are some of the first time our son has been introduced and I find it so valuable."

Anonymous - Allentown, PA 

"We are a repeat customer because ***** got SO much out of last year. He does better in small group, short duration skills and ice time. I would say keep doin what you are doin. Keep holding kids accountable to do the drill correctly to the best of their ability. My son has improved because Riley holds him accountable. His shot is better and his passing is better because Riley teaches the correct form with accountability. He had a sweaty head afterwards so I know he was working! I am looking forward to the next session!"

Anonymous - Allentown, PA 

"Riley is a the best! He runs a high tempo skills session and engages with every player on the ice. I highly recommend Armstrong Hockey Skills for anyone looking for a great skills coach!!?"

Rachel Callander - Durham, NH 

"Riley has had a significant influence on how both Ryan and Tyler skate, think about, and play the game of hockey, and makes a positive contribution to any team. Riley always pushes them in a positive direction, shows them both what it takes to be a well-balanced and STRONG skater. As a skating coach and teacher of the game, Riley can find ways for anyone to effectively incorporate the much-needed hockey skills into playing the game better. Ryan and Tyler have learned and continue to learn from Riley, which will benefit them on and off the ice for years to come. There are many good skating coaches out there; Riley is and will always be considered one of the very best!"

Norman Gaulin - Exeter, NH 

"I like that Riley pushes them and makes them try again if they do it incorrectly! That is the kind of teaching that really helps them learn"

Carly Murray - North Yarmouth, ME

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