Armstrong Skills Competition


Calling all hockey players, lets see what you got! We've got a full day of exciting events, awesome raffles, prizes, food and beverages and to top it all off, proceeds are going right back into the beautiful city of Portland! We hope you stop by The Rink at Thompsons Point on March 12, 2021 to see what its all about.

The Main"E" Attraction

The skills competition will be made up of two age groups, 16 and under and 17 and older. We know this is a wide range of ages into two small groups, but skills come in all shapes and sizes... and we were limited on time this year! Within each of these two age groups skaters will compete in one, two, or all three events: fastest skater, puck relay, and hardest shot. Skaters will compete for first, second, and third place prizes and dont worry, even if you dont place, your going home with swag that will be more than worth the price of entry! We will have news crews out there covering the days events, the Maine Mariners out there selling tickets and talking about plans for next year, and Jake Rogers the Equipment Manager of the Maine Mariners sharpening skates for charity. So come out, enjoy the beautiful scenery that is The Rink at Thompsons Point and support a great cause!

Below, you will find demonstrations of each event and prizes to be won.


One lucky skater could secure a spot in the Maine Mariners ECHL training camp. Place 1st or 2nd in all three events and be 20 years or older by the start of training camp and you could find yourself in the starting lineup.


Fastest Skater

Each skater will make two laps around The Rink as fast as possible to compete for this event. Two skaters on the ice at a time starting on opposite side.

16 and Under: 9 Spots $15

17 and Over: 33 Spots $15


Puck Relay

Each skater will be make their way with the puck around an obstacle of cones and back as fast as they can. Two skaters on the ice at a time. Points will be deducted when a cone is hit.

16 and Under: 9 Spots $15

17 and Over: 35 Spots $15


Hardest shot

Pretty straight forward! Shoot the puck as hard as you can. You can skate into it or stand there, whateve gives you the most power. Each participant will recieve two reads on the radar gun with the fastest read being their final score.

16 and Under: 8 Spots $15

17 and Over: 23 Spots $15

The Prizes

1st Place

First place winners recieve TRUE HOCKEY GEAR!

Fastest Skater wins a pair of True Hockey Skates

Puck Relay wins a set of True Hockey Gloves

Hardest Shot wins a True Hockey stick

And more!

2nd Place

Second place winners in all catagories go home with a new Warrior stick.

And More!

3rd Place

Third place winners will go home with Maine Mariners swag!

And More!

The Cause

When Covid-19 hit, it had an impact on everything and everyone; schools, businesses, sports, family, mental health, you name it! We wanted to find a way to safely get the community back together, get people back on the ice, and give back to the beautiful city of Portland. We have partnered with Jaguar LandRover of Scarborough, Bissell Brothers, Jake Rogers of the Maine Mariners, and other local companies to bring you this fun filled day on the ice, to support some of those "everythings and everyones". Proceeds for the day will go to restaraunts, small businesses, and organizations in Maine.

The Raffles

Even if you're not getting on the ice, come check out our amazing raffle items! We are partnering with Jake Rogers from Pro Shop Saturdays and many other great companies to bring you a wide selection of prizes. Raffle proceeds will benefit local small businesses and nonprofit organizations, including the Locker Project, which helps ensure food security for children and families in Greater Portland.

Tickets will be on sale the day of the event, stop by any time!

Signed Boston Bruins stick from 2019-2020 Roster